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This page is only accessible to the current and past members of the Core Elements of Self Masterclass.


This video invites members to begin to explore the foundations of connection from the beginning. We learn about connection from our early environments and our sense of connection to self and others is formed through these early experiences.

Often we are still interacting based on early perceptions/blueprints we might not even be aware of. Through this video the viewer is challenged to look at those early experiences and begin to develop an understanding of their "roots" of attachment, adaptability, and connection to self and others.

We also explore how those early "roots" may be affecting current relationships and attachment styles into adulthood and how this understanding can invite in more compassion and acceptance of self and others.

This one-hour video is a great introduction into understanding yourself, your attachments, you ability for affect and self regulation, and how this plays out in your life today. Welcome to the wonderful exploration of the Core Elements of Self!

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