Your pain is just a part of you, and it is not all of you.

The mind and body are not separate units, but one integrated system. How we act and what we think, eat, and feel are all related to and impact levels of chronic pain.

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Your mind, body and emotions are instruments and the way you align and tune with them determines how well you play life.

        ~ Harbhajan Singh Yogi

The most important job of the brain is to ensure our survival, even under the most miserable conditions.


Everything else is secondary. 

When pain persists, becoming “chronic,” it also becomes more complex. Modern pain research shows that psychological and emotional elements can play a major role. These non-physical components can help the brain “learn” to be in pain, re-wiring the body’s neural circuitry to perpetuate the sensation of pain.

With proper therapeutic attention the brain can "unlearn" pain, paving the way to physical pain relief. Research shows that methods like education, writing, meditation, visualization, and cognitive behavioral therapy can successfully help the brain to stop this recurring pain cycle.

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" ..... my pain levels can change as quickly as the lights changing on a traffic light.


One minute I can be smiling, laughing and talking and the next..I can be on the floor crying, screaming and in excruciating pain.


There are so many different things that can trigger my pain- movement, trauma, stillness, inflammation, mindset, weather, energies and SO much more. "


Sydney Abells

Holistic Health Coach

"Living in pain means you must expect the unexpected, because there is so much about it that is out of your control."


Sydney spent a LONG time expecting bad things to happen, for her pain to flare -- and she was constantly preparing herself for the worst-case scenario.  All that worrying ever did was make her pain worse by giving her so much stress and anxiety about what COULD happen. 


So, she stopped focussing on all the bad things that her pain COULD bring, and all the bad things that COULD happen and started focusing on all the amazing things that my pain COULD bring, things that COULD happen.


Where your focus goes, your energy grows.

'Rethink Chronic Pain' is a 4-week mastermind where we come together with a variety of health professionals to master mind a new way through, and to live a full life with chronic pain


This Mastermind is a Multidisciplinary Workshop Series.  Other health professionals from the Core Elements Tribe will be presenting with us in order to provide you with comprehensive care.  Each professional will focus on a different aspet of your overall health, speak to your needs so you can manage those needs in an effective way.

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4 Weeks

Tuesday & Thursday

Begins October 5

7 pm to 8 pm

Includes private Facebook Group



$ 399

These Workshops are made available to you by:


Alicia Hinger

After 2 life-changing health scares, Alicia knows first-hand the phenomenal changes that can happen when you improve your mindset.  As a mindset master, Alicia has found the secret to overal health - the mind-body connection.  By understand yourself on a deeper level, you can iprove your physical health..  Alicia has focussed her time on teaching you how to change your perspective and your dialogue with pain.


Sydney Abells

As a long-term competitive swimmer who had become wheelchair-bound due to a rare progressive connective tissue disorder (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), Sydney Abells has a personal understanding of the fundamentals needed to be disciplined and dedicated to fitness, while simultaneously adapting to medical complications and injuries.


Sydney is a Holistic Health Coach who specializes in working with individuals with depression, chronic illness and chronic pain.  She also offers anti-inflammatory dietary education.

TO REGISTER:  By clicking 'Pay Now' You are automatically registered to ReThink Chronic Pain Mastermind Series.  A Zoom LInk and any further information will be forwarded to you before the first session on October 5.