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 Core Elements of Self 


"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"
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Next Class is LIVE, IN PERSON this JUNE at Monroe Studios, Lethbridge AB

The relationship you have with yourself, is the most important relationship you will ever have

In todays unprecedented times, many are experiencing higher than normal stressors, anxieties and frustrations. No matter what obstacles come up, the less mindful and in the present moment you are, the more likely you are to react, say things and make decisions that you are not always proud of later. 

The private conversations you have with yourself can either be a powerful stepping stone or a major obstacle to having healthy relationships, reaching your goals and building the life you deserve and desire. Your thoughts greatly influence how you feel and behave, which can cause negative self-talk like "I can never do anything right, I suck at this, I'll never be successful or good enough" etc to quickly turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Self awareness is the first step to taming your inner critic, and gaining control of your life.


 In the Core Elements of Self Masterclass Alicia educates, guides and empowers you to get to know and understand YOUR self better. Not only does Alicia help you to better understand your emotions, actions and beliefs, but importantly, gives you the tools necessary to help you gain control of your life, approach hardships with clarity and compassion and build the life you have always wanted.

Your Inner dialogue, and the stories you tell yourself will either fuel your success, or prevent you from reaching your full potential in all areas of your life. Is YOUR inner dialogue serving or limiting you?

Are you...
Can you relate?

Working hour after hour, feeling absolutely burnt out? Living on autopilot or juggling too many balls at once feeling completely overwhelmed?

Your own biggest critic? Are limiting beliefs and lack of confidence in yourself getting you down? Are you a perfectionist that's never satisfied with their work?

Are you...

Feeling stuck and unclear of your path? Are fear and anxieties holding you back from living the life you want to life?

Are you...
Are you...

Bored and restless where you are at in life? Feeling a sense of failure and self-doubt? Feeling detached and alone in the world and craving connection?

Here is what people have to say...

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After attending this masterclass you will...

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What's Included in the Masterclass?

  1. 4 x  90 Minute LIVE Sessions with Alicia Hinger, Registered Psychologist, Life Transformation Specialist and Founder of Core Elements Tribe

  2. Client Portal with Unlimited Access to the Sessions once the Masterclass has ended.

  3. A beautifully designed pdf guided writing journal and workbook to use at each session.

  4. Access to a private Facebook community of other members and past graduates from the Masterclass  in order to share, receive mentoring and connect with others who are on their journey.

  5. Option to join monthly subscription at a discounted price which includes weekly or monthly personal development from Alicia, continued e-mail access as well as 1 x 90 minute zoom session per month with Alicia and other subscription members.

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A note from Alicia

Who is
Alicia Hinger?

Alicia Hinger is a Registered Psychologist and

Founder of Core Elements Counselling and Holistic Health.

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"A few years ago, I was just like you.  A workaholic often working 4 - 6 jobs at one time putting and putting in 15 hour days like it was a badge of honour and always eager to take on the next challenge.  


After the birth of my first child, I received a devastating cancer diagnosis which shook me to the core. And not only did it try to take my life once, but the monster decided to rear its ugly ahead only a few short years later.

I imagined what life would be like for my children growing up without a mom.


I started eating better, became a vegetarian, and I began focusing on the mind-body connection and slowly transitioned from working with criminal offenders and marriage counselling, to a more holistic approach.   In 2010, I was focused solely on my private practice and being a mother.


Because of my life experiences and the changes that were needed, I created Core Elements to focus on holistic healing. 

I look forward to learning your story and working together towards holistic health - mind, body and soul."

​"Alicia is great at creating a warm, inviting and safe space, with empathy and excitement that keeps the content engaging and feels like a conversation versus a presentation. She is a true treasure! I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve any aspect of their life, or get to know themselves better. This class will give you the tools to find your own inner peace!"


How secure are you in your relationships?

Gain some understanding about your security level in your relationships by trying out this Attachment Style Quiz

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Allow Alicia to guide you to a fulfilled, connected life-full of joy and authenticity.


Are you ready to

Know your blueprints

Change those blueprints

understand yourself and take action

Let your emotions inform you, not conform you

Unleash your inner wisdom

Understand how your brain works

Amplify your resiliency

Author your own story

Set boundaries

Practice acceptance and offer grace.


" Alicia really creates a safe place for self-exploration, expression, and manifestation while exuding and evoking a place for self-love and compassion. "


 Next MasterClass
JUNE 2023

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Other ways to connect with Alicia

1-1 Councelling & Coaching

Road to Wellness Series

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