Core Elements of Self


“To end the misery that has afflicted the human condition for thousands of years, you have to start with yourself and take responsibility for your inner state at any given moment.

That means now.” 

Your Relationship With You

The relationship you have with yourself might be the most important relationship you will ever study. 


Your relationships with others begins with the relationship you have with yourself.

Healthy relationships with ourselves are multi-layered.  Complicated.  Consisting of many parts -- just like any relationship.  

We tune into our body's cues and respond to them, we notice our jaw clenches or our stomach aches when we talk to a certain person or take on an unforgiving task.  Responding to these cues migh mean getting stricter with your boundaries or no longer spending time on them.

This Masterclass is a fit for you if you are...

  • working too many hours, juggling too many balls and you are absolutely burned out

  • burning the candle at both ends

  • feeling stuck and are unclear of your path

  • bored and restless with life

  • experiencing a heavy burden that you can't shake

  • feeling a sense of failure and self-doubt

  • increasingly negative or cynical outlook

  • absolutely unmotivated -- to complete tasks, go for a walk, cook dinner...

  • detached, feeling alone in the world, craving connection

  • have a decreased feeling of any satisfaction or sense of accomplishment

Does this sound like you?

What do you get?

  1. 8 - 90 Minute LIVE Sessions with Alicia Hinger, Registered Psychologist and Founder of Core Elements Tribe

  2. Unlimited Access to the Sessions once the Masterclass has ended

  3. A beautifully designed pdf writing journal and workbook to use at each session.

  4. Access to a private Facebook community of other members and past graduates from the Masterclass  in order to share, receive mentoring and connect with others who are on ther journey.


" In the Masterclass, Alicia really creates a safe place for self-exploration, expression, and manifestation while exuding and evoking a place for self-love and compassion. 

Each week, I experienced subtle but powerful shifts and changes in my life, which I attributed not only to the content of the sessions but to the homework provided as well.  The workshop was in truth, for me, a beginning and the process of questioning and opening has only continued to flower.

You can read 100 books on self-improvement and authenticity or you can take this Masterclass."

After Attending This Masterclass

Understand human connection and the "roots" of attachment 

Learn to identify your core values and deepen the connection with your core self.


Have a safe place to explore your inner world, as well as build strategies to help strengthen your relationship with others. 


Enhance your skills for empathic connection.


Understand the layers of defence that have kept you safe in the past, which may now be keeping you disconnected


Live with compassion for self and others. 


Learn to broaden your perspective, shift your mindset, and become the author of your story 


Develop effective coping skills and build resilience during these unprecedented times.

Get started right away with this Attachment Style Quiz.  Gain some understanding about your security level in your relationships.

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Who is
Alicia Hinger?

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Alicia Hinger is a Registered Psychologist and Founder of Core Elements Counselling and Holistic Health.


A few years ago, I was just like you.  A workaholic often working 4 - 6 jobs at one time putting and putting in 15 hour days like it was a badge of honor.   and always eager to take on the next challenge.  


After the birth of my first child, I received a devastating cancer diagnosis which shook me to the core. And not only did it try to take my life once, but the monster decided to rear its ugly ahead only a few short years later.

I imagined what like would be like for my children growing up without a mom.


I started eating better, became a vegetarian, and I began focusing on the mind-body connection and slowly transitioned from working with criminal offenders and marriage counselling, to a more holistic approach.   In 2010, I was focused solely on my private practice and being a mother.


Because of my life experiences and the changes that were needed, I created Core Elements to focus on holistic healing. 

I look forward to learning your story and working together towards holistic health - mind, body and soul.

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Allow Alicia to guide you a fulfilled, connected life full of joy and authenticity.

Attend the weekly session and journey with others just like you.  challenge yourself to:

Know your blueprints

Change those blueprints

Understand know and take action

Let your emotions inform you, not conform you

Unleash your inner wisdom

Understand how your brain works

Amplify your resiliency

Author your own story

Set boundaries

Practice acceptance and offer grace.



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