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Registered Psychologist                                                                                                                    

Rate: $150/hr                                                                                                                   



For ten years I have been fortunate to serve people and families struggling with substance abuse in the public system. I have met many people from diverse backgrounds who have helped shape my practice and approach to mental wellness.

They have taught me that everyone has what it takes to not simply survive, but thrive. For many people counselling simply supports a rediscovery and reorganization of practical strategies to improve relationships and personal wellbeing. Of course people do benefit from learning specific protocols and strategies for managing distress.


During my career I have had the great fun of developing and delivering psycho-educational groups. Groups are a great way to learn new ideas and cultivate meaningful relationships.My group experience has honed my skills in delivering important concepts in as succinct a manner as I can, and promoted a positive psychology orientation.


My predominant approach to therapy is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT is aimed at the intentional directing of thinking in an effort to regulate emotion to provide an opportunity to make increasingly positive and productive choices that support success in all life areas.


Motivation is also really important. I believe that being goal directed in the short and long-term supports life satisfaction. Motivation moment to moment in response to circumstantial cues is also of key importance. Understanding what drives our behaviour and directing the energy towards positive and productive incentives can support increasing success in all life areas.


I see my role as supporting people in recognizing their strengths, identifying effective motivation, and teaching strategies that will enhance all life areas.

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