Wired for Dating Workshop

Now open for registration. Anyone who is dating, thinking about dating, wanting to date, not quite ready to date, or already in a relationship this workshop is for you. Based on Stan Tatkin's work. 

Core Connections Group

Is it just me or do you all feel like your hands are going to once and for all crack and fall off because they are so dry from all the washing, spraying, wiping, sanitizing etc etc. While I am immensely enjoying all the amazing positivity and humour going around during this most difficult time, I am also deeply aware of the suffering, loneliness, worry, anxiety, stress and deep disconnection happening around us. My phone and emails have a steady stream of messages sharing stories of concern and asking for help. I feel frustrated trying to serve the people and clients I so deeply care about, realizing I cannot serve them all. That is why I have spent the last few days putting together an outline of all my favourite interventions, authors, books and skills to help serve the concerns I have been hearing so much about. 

This group is for anyone who is feeling disconnected, lonely, anxious, or even curious to help others. It will be 8 live sessions with me where we can interact, connect and learn, and then the sessions will be recorded and posted for future viewing, so if you happen to miss a live session you can always watch it later.  You will have access to the videos forever.  

We will dive deep into: Week 1 - Connection, Week 2 - Defences/Anxieties and all that keep us disconnected, Week 3 - Perceptions and mindset, Week 4 - Compassion for self and others, Week 5 - Resilience, self regulation and the nervous system, Week 6 - Experiences/Blueprints/Boundaries, Week 7. - Your story/Narrative and Week 8 - Mindfulness.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this group and this information please have them call or text our office 403-915-0440 to join. We can direct bill most insurance companies for the cost and have a sliding fee scale for those with no insurance who may be struggling financially. We also have a scholarship/sponsorship option if anyone is able to donate to cover the cost for someone else, that would be an amazing gift. 

I am currently working on a live group for couples, so watch for that one coming soon.

We are going through this together, lets take care of each other

Coming soon... Couples Workshop 

Discussing topics like connection, managing thirds, intimacy, sex, conflict, and atonement. 

To book an appointment or for more information call 403-915-0440